A well-equipped foundry spread over 8000 sq ft. with Induction Furnace of 300 & 150 kg capacity. In support, Vinsavi have the following facilities & installation to meet various casting requirements of our valued customers:

  • Hand molding section, Machine Molding (pin lift machines – 4 nos) and Jolt Squeeze machines. Supported by pneumatic rammers at all places for good molding.
  • Range of molding boxes can cater to casting from 1 kg to 250 kgs.
  • We have a wide range of fabricated boxes and snap boxes to take care of molding of any quantities.
  • Set up for shell moulds / cores, Co2 molding, cores and no-bake cores.
  • Fettling Shop equipped with swing frame grinders, table grinders and hand grinders in our fettling section.

Various Grades Poured in our Foundry.

1. Cast Iron , Alloy Cast Iron,

2. Low Alloy Steel and High Alloy Steel

3. High Chromium / Ni Hard

4. High Manganese Steel.

5. Heat Resistant Steel Grade 7 and Grade 9. 

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